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    "After the storm, calm returns, nature is reborn even more luxuriant under the warm and piercing rays of the sun. The trees, beaten by the four winds, distil their perfume. The atmosphere is lively and gentle at the same time. The water trickles over the rock, the scene appears like a freshly cut jewel, so brilliant are the elements. At this moment, the temptation is great to discover the mystery behind this horizon hidden by the wet branches. Perhaps a rough diamond delicately placed on its throne covered with moss and bark. An imaginary place where serenity reigns as never before..."



    In tribute to the most inspiring places of green nature, the earthy accords revealed in this candle by the notes of moss and wood, lead us to revisit the mythical scenes of a fairytale world. An absolute magic and mystery with which we would like to flirt as soon as we close our eyes.

    This candle is made from black stoneware.

    Vegetable waxe

    Average wax weight:

    320 gr

    Burning time: 55 to 65 hours (Indicative burning time)

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