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"It was yesterday, my eyes were as brittle as glass under that glowing lead dome. I walked for twenty years. I kicked a hundred and thirty stones. I drunk four hundred and fifty-seven cups of burning air. I almost wilted, while the flowers around me looked so wise as they waited indefinitely for boredom to die.. But here we are, I didn’t tell you, I came home well, the road was good. The new sound of the key in the lock delights me and suddenly, makes me feel happy, and the laughter of the wind in the trees is exquisite...

It seems like everything has wonderfully changed, like a summer end for a sad clown. I still love the neighbor, but a little less.

PS: Thank you for the few figs on the table. The last ones of the season. They smells good, like you and your kisses on my forehead."


The fig tree exhales a unique perfume reminding us the summer coming to an end. A fragrance with a powerful heart, enveloped by notes of cedar and white rose.


This candle is made from ecru chamotte stoneware.


Vegetable waxe

Average wax weight:

320 g

Burning time: 55 to 65 hours (Indicative burning time)

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