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    The "Cabo" ceramic bench is handcrafted in chamotte sandstone (containing grains of sand). The clay is fired between two and three times at temperatures between 800 and 1400 degrees. A process during which the object attains a solidity close to that of a stone. It is through a work of assembly, modeling, sculpture and the different firings that the object is revealed. Earth is an almost "living" material due to its movements between drying and firing. These parameters make the curves irregular and imperfect, the dimensions may vary slightly. The object is unique.


    A seat covered with a removable cushion sewn by hand in the workshop maybe proposed optional on quote.


    Length: 60cm

    Height of seat: 46cm

    Width: 20cm

    Weight: 14kg

    The benches are numbered and signed, available at order within 4 to 8 weeks.

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