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    "Here, winter lasts only one day, it blows under doors. With its large, cold hands, it crawls up the fireplaces, melting slowly on the floor. In Oliban, a small village trapped in the middle of mountains, the glow of the flames illuminate the dancing snowflakes.  That night, the fire defeated two lovers from their bodies. Passion in the blood, their souls were burning, bringing up their perfume through the air.  When the sun came back, chasing away the chaos, only bright-red ashes and saffron scent made their fiery love remember it left.  The birth of a perfume that has scented the village ever since, the scent of love."



    The candle exhales notes of leather and resin evocative of winter, creating a magical and sacred atmosphere. Highlighted by notes of thyme and midnight jasmine.


    This candle is made from ecru chamotte stoneware and is embellished with a gold pearl.


    Vegetable waxe

    Average wax weight:

    320 gr

    Burning time: 55 to 65 hours (Indicative burning time)

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